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Kempsville Kitchen & Bath assigns a professionally trained and certified designer with years of experience to every project to make our customers' dreams come true. Our designers walk with you through each step of the design process from planning to installation, ensuring a perfectly finished kitchen or bath. They are an incredible resource, offering inspiration and tips through their extensive knowledge of current design technologies and trends.

Our design professionals use sophisticated software to design your kitchen, allowing for maximum use of your space. From detailed 3-D drawings of your design, you'll know exactly how your new room will look before the project begins.

Most importantly, Kempsville Kitchen & Bath offers this service completely free. We value customer service and take pride in the fact that our designers work with you as an added benefit for doing business with us. Unlike companies who charge for this service, we view it is an essential part of the building and design process, and we want to offer the best possible results.


Kitchen and bath remodeling expenses can add up rapidly. But when done correctly, you can significantly increase your home value with a room you're proud to show off. Before transforming these spaces into your favorite areas of the house, our professional designers will visit your home and measure the room, allowing them maximum usability of the space. The result is a more functional and enjoyable kitchen or bath.


With years of experience, our team works to minimize the effect of construction for you and your family as you continue to live in your home. Let us turn your kitchen or bathroom from outdated to outstanding. You will not be disappointed.


If you are looking beyond your builder for a professional who's up to date in kitchen and bath design trends, start working with us today. Our designers work with your space to create a beautiful, maximized area in your style. From cabinets and counters to fixtures and lighting, we can assist you with any part of your room. As our company's roots began by helping professional builders, there is no better place to rely on for kitchen and bath design during your home construction.


At Kempsville Kitchen & Bath, we ensure that when it comes to installation, our team will be there for you. Not only do we plan, budget and design with you, but we also help install your new kitchen or bath. Instead of individually finding a carpenter, plumber, electrician, painter, tile setter, and countertop installer, we provide the whole package with our installation services. Our team is the project manager, so you can relax as we create your dream space.

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