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Before you begin any part of your kitchen or bath project, it's important to set a budget. If you get this task out of the way first, you'll have guidelines as you plan and create. Determining a solid budget at the beginning of your project prompts you to make smart choices throughout the entire process. If you know your limits, you can better decide and assist us on how to give you the room of your dreams without overspending.

02.  DREAM

Let us make your dream room come true! For this step, you need to tell us what you want to see when you walk into your new space. We suggest doing your research to help you make decisions. Scour the internet, visit our showroom, take pictures, write notes, collect paint swatches and keep it all together in one place to share with your designer. Your inspiration collection gives the designer a feel for your style and ideas for your new kitchen or bath.


Beyond style and design, there is always a list of must-haves that maximizes space functionality and satisfies the owner. Make a list of your requirements to share with your designer. To begin, you can list all the cons about your current room and things you'd like to change or fix. Maybe your bathroom lacks storage, or you don't have enough counter space for food prep. Add these to the list. Then add features you wish to have in your renovated room; heated flooring, soft-close drawers, led lighting or a kitchen island. Whatever it may be, writing it down and sharing with your designer puts both of you on the same page as they create your space.


After gathering your ideas and making a list, visit our showroom or schedule an appointment to meet with our professionally-trained and certified designers. A designer will be assigned to your project, and they look forward to meeting with you to discuss your plans and guide you through the entire process. Be sure to bring your lists and materials to your first visit to quickly get started. Our designer will go over ideas, designs and must-haves to understand what you want to achieve in the new room. From their years of experience, they'll offer advice and considerations as you go through each part of the project. Our designers listen to what you have to say and expect feedback, so the process works as a conversation. Ultimately, they work to design a room that best fits your wants, needs and style.


Once you and your designer decide on a plan, the next step is determining the base of your project. Our designer will visit your home, take photographs, measure and get a better understanding of your current space. They seek out what pieces can be reused or kept in the room, and consider structural issues and adjoining rooms during their visit. If your project is new construction, your contractor can provide you with blueprints and measurements for your designer.


Once our designer knows the room measurements and your requirements for the project, they can begin creating the room of your dreams. Using sophisticated design software, our designers provide you with a 3-D presentation of your room layout. You can view your dream space, making sure the cabinetry, countertops and all features are perfect before moving forward with your project. Paint colors, tile and fixtures are also selected and discussed during this process.


When the designer finishes their 3-D design including all of your choices and needs, they'll schedule an appointment to present to you. There, you will see your kitchen or bath in 3-D as they walk you through all the features and selections for each piece of the room. Our designer will provide you with options beyond what they've selected so you can be the final determiner for paint colors, countertops, fixtures and other related items. You will also be given the preliminary quote at this appointment.


Your designer will schedule a follow-up appointment to give you sufficient time to finalize your decisions. Together, you'll walk through every decision in your new kitchen or bath and determine how you'd like to move forward with each choice. Once you and the designer finalize everything, you'll receive a final quote.


When you accept the final quote, you will make a down payment for the project. Once you complete the down payment, the designer and you will begin scheduling and ordering your materials.


Working with a professional installer, the designer will schedule installation of your space. Because we understand that you need to live in your home as we redo it, we do our best to work with you and determine what times are easiest for you and your family. If you are using our services during new construction, we fit our work into your over production timeline, so there is no interference or lag.

11.  ENJOY

Once the installation is complete and you have the kitchen or bath of your dreams, it's time to sit back, enjoy and live in your new space.

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